Top 10 Travel Hacks

Have you completed your travel planning? Or you just want to start. You need to buy the tickets, select a suitable flight, plan your days, and book a budget-friendly restaurant. You also have to think of cheaper ticket prices, accommodation fees, and many other expenses. Read on to discover ten travel hacks that will surely lighten up your troubles on your next trip.
1. Search for the cheapest flight
Just one search, everything is possible to know! An easy way to check out flight details is by using apps like Skyscanner, Google Flight, and Expedia Malaysia. You can get flight aggregator sites that list airlines and their flight schedules, free and book the flights directly; however, sometimes they may charge more than the airline’s site. You can also verify prices directly from the airline’s booking website. For example, the app Skyscanner can collect data of all flights and permits its visitors to check for the cheapest flights allowed on the selected date.
2. Choose suitable accommodations with the least expense
TripAdvisor and Airbnb are some of the many online sites you can visit to confirm hotels and hostels. These websites can help you get necessary feedback on places and you have the opportunity to verify their validity, hygiene, levels of comfort and other facilities that you require before making a reservation. You can get very affordable places for rent in the center of the cities and can pass your stay with local people. Enjoy an amazing chance to know their culture and eat local yummy delicious food!

3. Avoid buying tickets on Friday
New research states that Friday is the most expensive day of the week for buying a plane ticket. Try to buy tickets on weekdays and save those much-needed bucks.
4. Rolling up your clothes takes less space
If you want to pay less for extra baggage, you can roll up your clothes, which is the best idea for your traveling. For lesser amounts of baggage, you do not need to pay extra and can pack everything smartly.
5. Enjoy free tours of extra cities
You can visit an extra destination without purchasing any extra tickets if you choose airlines that are offering this opportunity. Obviously, it is a great chance like two in one!
6. Clear the internet history before booking
Flight companies use cookies to record when you have visited their site multiple times and then raise ticket prices. Clear the browser cache before purchasing your ticket to avoid costs.
7. The Card is everything, like a great friend
Yes, it’s true! Your credit card can save lots of money from a variety of sources. When you use a credit card, you can earn points to convert air miles. These air miles can help you get free tickets to improve your flight seats from economy to business class or first class, in fact, you can even use the card to enjoy a Starbucks coffee, and pay the entrance fees to a theme park. However, before using your card to inform the credit card company.
8. Discount codes online save the expense
You just need some patience to use this hack. Search online for discount codes – they are usually available. You should try it before shopping; a few dollars are a big matter during travel time!
9. Unlimited Wi-Fi with low rate
You can share your wonderful moments and experiences with family and friends. Every minute you can send amazing photos of new places, beaches, and of course the delicious foods that you are tasting!
10. Free drinks facilities on some flights
Some flights offer alcohol on request. What an amazing hack it is, because it is free, you should never miss!

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