Incorporating traditional cultural icons or staples into the fashion industry has seen its evolution over recent years. Rattan-made fashion accessories are trendy recently, which kind of makes us wonder what other traditionally used materials or items have been contemporised to give it a new life? This brings us to our star of the day, batik. Let’s take a look at what fashion industry players have done to give batik a new and modernised life.

1. Apparel

A handful of fashion industry newcomers have revolutionised the incorporation of batik into modern day-to-day wear by merging the traditional textile with simple and contemporary designs. The designs were brilliantly curated to make the motifs of batik stand out, which are also what makes batik-incorporated apparel an eye-catching fashion piece.

2. Bags

Besides apparel, batik has also been brilliantly incorporated into fashion accessories like bags, clutches, purses/wallets and even makeup bags. This category suits low profile batik lovers who prefer showing off their batik accessories in a subtle manner.

3. Homewares

There’s no such thing as too much love for batik when it comes to this! Batik has even be incorporated into daily homeware items like pillowcases and coasters, bringing batik even closer into our everyday lives.

(Source: Batik Boutique)

4. Travel Accessories

The creativity doesn’t stop, there are also passport holders and toiletries bag donning the traditional textile! Just with a simple sight of it, these unique items would most certainly remind you of home when you’re travelling away from home.

(Source: Batik Boutique)

5. Fashion Accessories

(Source: Batek-Lah; Gin & Jacqie)

An outfit is never complete without accessories. Smaller fashion accessories like scrunchies, bandana and necktie have also made its round donning batik. These batik-incorporated items would certainly add a traditional twist to your modern day-to-day outfit.

The efforts of modern fashion industry players, as well as newcomers, are of utmost importance to keeping our traditions alive. After all, fashion is something that people from all walks of life are drawn to, or at the very least, needs it for comfort or to enhance one’s impression.

Which batik-incorporated item is your favourite? Share your thoughts with us!

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