Malaysia is generally considered a tourist-friendly destination due to our multicultural background. Although language barrier is generally not a major issue for travellers, it can be a hassle to plan travel itinerary and navigate around a country or place that you are not familiar with. Here are 5 top apps that foreign and local travellers alike should use to ease travelling around Malaysia.

Activities booking


(Source: klook)

Klook is certainly not foreign to globetrotters as they are best known for offering exclusive discounted packages for popular travel activities all around the world. Klook is a booking platform which is easy to navigate with, as users can opt to explore the availability of travel activities based on destination or type of activities. Aside from travel activities like theme park entrance tickets, Klook also offers a wide array of travel-related essentials such as airport pickup ride, local SIM card purchase as well as portable WiFi router rental service.

Travel activities in Malaysia include destinations like Kuala Lumpur, Sabah, Sarawak, Penang, Langkawi, Genting Highlands and more.

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Private ride hailing


(Source: Grab)

Grab is the Malaysian version of Uber (sort of, since Grab actually acquired Uber’s Southeast Asia operations). It is a widely known and commonly used e-hailing platform all across Southeast Asia and it is best known for its fixed fares, in which you pay for the price you were shown. No worries at all about fare fluctuation due to traffic congestion!

There is also another built-in platform which travellers would find convenient – Grab Food. Grab Food is an in-app food ordering platform which allows existing Grab users to order food from its partner restaurants. Travellers who are tired from walking around can opt to utilise this built-in platform to get food delivered right to your doorstep (or to the hotel’s doorstep).

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Public transport route planning

Malaysia Kuala Lumpur Subway (Android) / Kuala Lumpur Metro (iOS)

If you are planning to visit Kuala Lumpur for a vacation, you ought to experience travelling via our integrated railway system. The Klang Valley integrated railway system makes travelling around Klang Valley easy as you only need to buy one boarding token for the entire trip. Although these 2 apps are developed by different developers, they both serve similar functions. Users can view the railway route, estimated duration of travel and most importantly the travelling fares from one station to another.

For users who are not familiar with the Klang Valley integrated railway system, the ease of transit is one of the main points of attraction for travellers as there is no need for patrons to exit the station since transit stations are all connected underground or with in-station pedestrian walkways. Travelling via Klang Valley subway is not only cheaper but also considered a relatively safer travelling option than hailing private rides as every station is guarded by police or security patrol officers.

P/S: The Android app also includes schedule and fares for GO KL, which is also known as the Kuala Lumpur City Bus.

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(Source: MAPS.ME)

This app is perfect for foreign travellers who might not have data or roaming access. This navigation app allows users to download an offline map which enables offline navigation. According to current users, MAPS.ME’s map also provides inclusive routes which allow users to explore local hidden gems that may not usually be found without prior searching on the Internet. This saves time and eases local travelling as one app does all the itinerary suggestions for you.

Be sure to download the offline app if you are travelling to Malaysia and plan to travel around without purchasing any Internet connection services. It is also advisable to bring a portable charging device as current users commented that this app is quite a bit of a battery drainer.

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Authentic local home-cooked cuisine


(Source: PlateCulture)

If you are looking to taste authentic local cuisine and experience the homey dining atmosphere at the same time, this private dining booking app is just right for you. The self-proclaimed “Airbnb of food” connects you to local chefs within close proximity enabling you to reserve a private dining slot on your preferred date and time. Generally, it works pretty much in a similar fashion as other restaurant reservation app.

Upon successful reservation, all you need to do next is just to arrive at your chosen host’s destination on your chosen date and enjoy!

Get the app here: iOS, Android

Did you find these app suggestions useful? Let us know how have these apps eased your vacation in Malaysia!


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