Fun Malaysian Tabletop Games You Should Play

Tabletop games are games that are normally played on a table or other flat surfaces. These games usually include board games, card games, dice games, miniature wargames or tile-based games. Monopoly for instance, is one of the most famous games in the world and many have at least played this game once in their lifetime. Little did you know, our country itself has quite a number of games like this one. The question is, how many of you have actually played the local ones? If you think local games are dull, think again!

Here is the list of 10 local tabletop games for every type of interest and person.


RIMBA is a card game that is dedicated to nearly 30 animals from Peninsular and Borneo Malaysia and aspires to help people to recognize the various animals. This game aims to cultivate a love for the country’s natural heritage using gamification, experiential learning and group social interaction. Mass and rapid deforestation across the country, flooding and disempowered communities were the main motivators for the developers of RIMBA to raise awareness around the forest, ecosystem services and wildlife conservation. If you’re a fan of animals, you should definitely play this!

2. Drama Pukul 7

Drama Pukul 7 is a 2-6 players card game. This game is a competitive game set in a typical Malaysian soap opera or drama TV show where all the players compete among themselves by attacking or they call it ‘shaming’ other players to completely destroy each other’s dignity or face value (HP) . With a maximum of six players, each player can portray a different character in a soap opera as they compete to become the sole star. This game is definitely for those drama kings and queens whose dramatic emotions are over the top.

3. The Lepak Game

If you’re looking to have a blast with friends at your next ‘lepak’ or ‘yum cha’ session, this game might be just the one for you. This game contains the essence of Malaysia in a deck of cards which guaranteed to spark some serious fun! It’s a simple word-matching game that is easy to play with no right or wrong answer. All you have to do is match and pick the most Malaysian response. This game is more of a party activity than a game in the traditional sense and the whole thing should not be taken too seriously. Since this is a party game, do expect a little bit of rowdiness and unexpected discussion topics.

4. BonDing

BonDing is a science-themed card game set in the world of ChemCaper. Players aim to ‘bond’ as many Petticles as possible with their cards before the game ends. There are different kinds of bonds, elements and Petticles in the game that can be found and bonded together. A number or Petticles will be available for the player to attempt and bond. The types of bond available are Metallic, Covalent and Ionic. There are two modes of play which are classic and competitive where both are pretty easy. This game is great for families as it is educational and can be played without any prior chemistry knowledge.

5. Kaki Lima

A light strategy game inspired by walking around Penang’s George Town, Kaki Lima is about pedestrians navigating their way through a grid of five-foot ways. Players gain victory points when their pedestrians reach places on their task lists and bonus exploration cards, when they clear blocked paths, and when they meet up with other pedestrians. In a brief overview of the game, players or ‘pedestrians’ should aim to strike a balance between completing tasks on their Pi Mana? cards, exploring different places in town, meeting other pedestrians, and clearing blocked paths. Kaki Lima has 16 components to it, but don’t be too intimidated by it as its rule book is fairly comprehensive.

6. Reef Stakes

Reef Stakes is the first marine themed role-playing card game in Malaysia. The game is designed to mimic real-life stakeholder relationships, introduce some of Malaysia’s most iconic marine species and highlight threats to coral reefs. Players debate argue and even sabotage before collectively decide the future of the reef. With this game, it makes information on the marine environment easily accessible. A layperson will be exposed to marine issues while an expert would enjoy the hands-on content. Since this game is designed for a large crowd, it is a perfect entry point for environmental education across all ages. Furthermore, Reef Stake brings to light real-life issues that our marine environment is facing, and players will learn how to make a difference.

7. Empayar

Empayar is a Malaysian board game with a ‘Dungeons & Dragons’ style gameplay. The game is set in an ancient Nusantara Kingdom environment with themes of culture and tradition. Each player will have a character with a certain symbol which carry out different missions. Collected sources which players gain from their expedition can be stored in the ship decks and will be given to respective players according to the mission cards taken. The game comes complete with unique card sets, maps and 3D cubes to give you an immersive experience. If you’re someone who is into history, you will surely love this game.

8. Vagrant Dash

Vagrant Dash is a 2-player tactical combat game, pitting two companies of struggling space vagrants against each other which try to lay claim to the ancient derelict cities that they had found on a desert island. Featuring cute miniature of tanks and aircraft, this game offers easy to understand gameplay but with in-depth tactics that satisfy even the most veteran strategy gamer. This game usually takes up to 30 minutes to be completed. For those who fancy something with war and strategy elements, this game is the right choice for you.


9. Monster Hero Academy

In this 30-minute game for 2-6 players, you and your friends play as academy teachers. You will select the best student to partake in a major test every season and gain reputation as they excel in it. Gain the most reputation by the end of the year, and you’ll be crowned the Teacher of the Year! Monster Hero Academy features a drafting mechanism in which each player chooses the best student to represent him. Players also guide their chosen students with numbered cards, which determine the score to earn the rewards in every test. But choose wisely as the numbered cards you select each turn will be removed from the game.

10. The Cikgu Life

The Cikgu Life is a board game designed for all players to relive our schooling days from a brand new perspective. In this game, you need to help your students do well in exams and be efficient in clearing all your paperwork. This game aims to capture the everyday life of a Malaysian teacher in all its glory and struggles. It also provides a glimpse into a typical Malaysian classroom, highlighting issues or challenges that the teacher may face in the classroom, including online systems, students fighting and the like. You’ll find yourself reminiscing about your teachers and your school days. Best played with a hint of nostalgia.


On February 15th 2020, LOCCO MY X TTDGMY will be hosting a fast-moving public get together event that promotes local board games called “Game On Lah!’. These games are developed by the best of them, transforming the best elements of Malaysia and even learning materials into a fun activity for the family and friends as well as tourists! The theme for this event is Back To School where all of you can dress up as students, prefects, teachers and even the principal! Save the date and come play these games for free at MATIC this February 15th!


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