Things We Can Do At Home During The Pandemic 🏡

Our country like most countries are facing a pandemic due to Covid-19. Remember to stay calm, stay indoor as much as possible during these times. Here are some recommendations of what you can do at home.

Become a master chef

Explore your inner talent by cooking your favorite dish or maybe even making any kind of kuih traditional at home. Plenty of recipes can be found online nowadays and some of them are really awesome! For example, kuih Seri Muka is easy to make and delicious to eat during your tea time. Go start making something now!

Play Traditional/Tabletop Games

Let’s bring back some of our childhood memories by playing some games. If you can’t find any at home, you can try making one! Batu Seremban can be made easily and you can challenge your family members for a game afterwards. Not to forget, many local tabletop games can be purchased online these days. They’ll arrive at your doorstep in no time!

Let’s stay educated

You can start by reading a biography, historical or maybe a recipe book to keep your brain productive. You can also spend your time by reading a story book to your kids because reading at home is fun! Watching videos on the social media can help us to get information and stay alert with the current situation – stay tuned with Locco: Ajak Borak live session on Instagram/Facebook for cool contents.


Make it sweat n active

Gardening or cleaning your home can keep you active. Besides, there are plenty of other online activities which you can do such as live workout, live dance sessions and more. It will keep you fit even when staying indoors. You also can join Kelas Joget Kita online to keep actives at home. Stay tuned with Locco for next class!

Plan your activities

Although there’s nothing much that we can do at this moment, it’s a good time for us to plan our next activities with family and friends after the Movement Control Order ends. Planning a vacation within Malaysia would be amazing! Let’s support our local industry to boost back the economy. Make sure to include Terrapuri Heritage Village, Terengganu on your list.

Spread positivity

There are a lot of news spreading out from here and there like wildfire and the best we can do is to stay calm and stay at home. Instead of sharing fake news and groundless rumors, it would be better if we spread positivity and support everyone instead. #KitaJagaKita – let’s make some fun videos, good quotes or perhaps a quick live session to stay connected with each other.


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