Fun Online Multiplayer Games that You Should Play with Friends during MCO

Practicing social distancing for more than a month will bound to make us feel bored and fidgety. While we are doing our part in flattening the curve, we need to think about other options to stay connected. Staying connected with family and friends too will help overcome loneliness that you may feel during MCO. 

Here are some fun ways to stay engaged with your friends with online multiplayer games during MCO:

Create a room and invite your friends to play along!


It’s a multiplayer drawing and guessing game that you can play freely in the web. This game requires your creativity to draw literally anything depending on the word that you choose from the three options in the game and for the other players, you need to drop the answer as fast as you can based on others’ drawing before it gets to your turn.

It consists of a few rounds in which every round, one of the players need to draw within 80 seconds and the rest of the players will have to guess correctly in order to obtain points. The quicker you guess the answer, the more points you will get. The player with the most points will be crowned as the winner at the end of the game!

To win this game, you’re legit encouraged to lie!


It’s a perfect party game to play with your friends anywhere as long as you have a mobile phone in your hands. It’s a guessing game in which everyone needs to start making up some fake answers to the real trivia questions and guess what is actually the real answer from the options given.

The trick is to make them choose your options. You’ll get the points for psyching your friends into guessing your options and even more points if you pick the right answer. Begin the game by choosing a theme and the category. It ranges from movies, songs, animals, characters, celebrities and so much more!

This is the game of lies and deception!

Werewolf Online

A mystery multiplayer game which can be played up to 16 players and will make you fight for your team to find the liars among the players. Each game has a different team such as a villager team or werewolf team which both teams fight to be the last one standing.

At night, the werewolves will vote to kill one player and during the day all players can vote for a suspicious player to get them lynched. Each one of you will have a special ability to uncover the role of others and convince your teammates to work with you.

Now everyone can take a tour around the world with Mario Kart!

Mario Kart Tour

Are you a fan of Mario Kart series games? This racing game is now available for mobile play where you can race with your friends up to seven people. The race’s courses are inspired by real-world cities and will change every time you update the game, and of course the classic courses also in the list.

This game is just a piece of cake! You only need to steer and drift with just using one finger while sling devastated items, bumping with others as you go for the gold in every course you played. You’re able to collect new drivers, karts, badges and many more when completing certain challenges. This will create more excitement with your achievement on the gameplay.

Gather your friends so no one misses any game session!


It’s a social multiplayer games which can connect you to over a million people around the world. This platform combines two things in which you will find joy while playing the game and at making new friends at the same time.

You can play over 30+ games in this mobile application such as Table Soccer, Pool, Mini Golf, Bankroll, 4 in a Row, Sea Battle, Hold’em Poker, Minesweepers, Go Fish, Zombie!, Dots & Boxes, Chess, Dice Party, Dominoes and so much more. Level up your favourite game to climb the leaderboards and you’ll be paired with people with the same level as you in the game.


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