Explore Malaysia Like Never Before – Travel Loccoly!

With the on-going Movement Control Order, a lot of us have started to heat up our travel engines to go somewhere! We totally understand that unusual feeling and that’s the reason why we’re giving out hints for your travel ideas before hitting the road.

But remember, we still need to follow the SOP as it has now become a part of our responsibility no matter where we plan to go. Do the basic such as maintaining a social distance and wearing a face mask in public areas would help everyone to travel safely and fight Covid-19.

Without further adieu, check it out!

Road Trip

For a memorable experience, we’re suggest you to plan a road trip somewhere far from your original town. Why? Because the road trip is actually really flexible and it will give you more time for exploring when visiting interesting places along the way.

Let’s say you go for a road trip to Kelantan and it would feel like a long time when you’re driving from KL, but the journey will feel short and fun when you’re travelling with friends – especially with the loud ones!

You can stop anywhere you want, get a taste of local cuisines whenever you see can, take a break at any cool spot for pictures and maybe get lost in a new place that will give you a different experience with your friends. This is the way to reconnect with them again!


Food Hunting

We know that hunting for delicious food is actually a part of any trip that you go for, but have you ever thought about tasting all the food when you pass by the streets during your trip to some places?

Here’s a thought, imagine you’re planning to visit Penang for the sake of having the famous Nasi Kandar – along the way, why not you stop at a few places such as Ipoh to taste the creamy Tau Fu Fah and then Taiping to grab a refreshing bowl of Cendol at the old KTM station.

The same goes to a trip to JB where you can stop at Seremban to eat Masak Lomak Cili Api, Melaka for the Asam Pedas and maybe include Muar in your list just for the infamous Mee Bandung Abu Bakar. Everyone will have a happy tummy and a memorable trip, trust me!

Island Hopping

Who doesn’t love to be touched by the blue sea under the evening ray with the sound of waves. In Malaysia, we have plenty of beautiful islands to be explored and experienced such as Pulau Perhentian, Tioman, Pangkor, Redang, as well as the underrated but amazing ones like Semporna, Sipadan, Mabul in Borneo.

It’s about time for us to support our local chalets and resorts by booking your island trip to any location which excites you. For LOCCO, we suggest you try a different island, out of your comfort zone and take extra lessons during the trip – learn to be a diver can be a great choice!

Imagine you’re swimming with the colourful fishes right now, but be careful, don’t step on the corals and the sea urchins – be responsible divers to Mother Nature, and remember they are not something you can bring home.

Forest Adventure

We do need some time off for ourselves to get away from the loud cities and choose to be surrounded by the green forest as it seems like the right thing to do. There are so many green canopies in Malaysia for you to be in – it can be close to your area to the East side, West and also in Borneo.

For a simple adventure, you can have a quick jungle trekking at Taman Tugu and continue to the next stop at KL Forest Eco Park for the weekend. For more adventures, you can actually stretch your muscles with a hike at any hill that is available for public like Bukit Broga in Serdang or Bukit Batu Putih for sight-seeing which is located in Negeri Sembilan. Moreover, there are a few camping spots which are opened for people like you such as Taman Rimba Komanwel for a good camping experience.

Don’t worry, you can easily find a suitable place based on your location, but remember to check your stamina first before planning your adventure – you know why.


Some people would prefer to stay in one place for a weekend retreat, it can be in the middle of the city architectures or some wooden huts away from people. No matter what your preference is, we encourage you to start booking now to secure your place before those spots are fully occupied.

LOCCO wants to suggest a few places to be included in your list such The Rubber Escape, Castra by Colony, Terrapuri Heritage Village, The Settlement Hotel, Glamping at Lost World of Tambun, Genting Swiss Garden, Fraser’s Colonial Retreats and so much more. 

We keep the options wide open for your weekend pleasure – we recommend only the best for our Loccomunity!

Don’t Just Travel, Travel Loccoly!



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