You Can Now Adopt Animals in Zoo Negara

Did you know that you can actually adopt animals in the zoo through the “Adopt Our Animals” program in Zoo Negara?

Over 30 animals you can choose from for adoption and these animals will remain in the care and custody of the zoo – the adoption is just a symbolic term of your contribution to these animals, I don’t think you will dare to bring one of them at home, lol!

This program is partnered with TICKET2U as a medium to allow donors to support “Adopt Our Animals” financially in order to take care of the animals, especially in this current situation where it is hard to maintain the zoo as the number of visitors is reduced. As these animals do not have enough food, they are not in the best of shape, and it breaks our hearts to see them this way!

Each donation will cover their veterinary health, maintain annual food supply and of course for environment enhancement in order to make sure all animals get enough care. As Zoo Negara is managed by the Malaysia Zoological Society (an NGO) – it survives mainly through ticket collections and sponsorships from the public. That’s why your help is important, even the smallest one can do good for these animals.

Your contribution in this program will receive recognition from Zoo Negara, and you will receive an e-certificate of the animal you adopt. With a certain amount of donation, you can also get vouchers that can be used when visiting your adoption, and honestly it will feel different when our help actually gives a better life to these animals.

Let’s support the “Adopt Our Animals” program. You can check TICKET2U for more details of the animals available for adoption, from the big sized Sibol the elephant to the small Stag Beetle – the list of adoption may vary according to the amount of donation needed.

So, Malaysia, let’s do our part!

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