HOGA Gaharu Tea Valley Experience

Are there any other tea valleys in Malaysia apart from Cameron Highlands and Sandakan? Maybe you can spend some time in…Yup! Welcome to HOGA Gaharu Tea Valley, a tea plantation on the Northern side of Malaysia, or specifically Gopeng Perak. However, it does not use the leaves, instead they use Agarwood or Gaharu Tree for producing tea.

Agarwood produces a refreshing taste and bitterness but not as much as typical tea leaves. It’s renowned for its medical qualities and good for calming minds. Apart from tea, it can also be made into coffee, cookies, oil essence, beauty products, and so much more. There is no doubt that agarwood is beneficial to the industry with various products to use for organic lovers.

Here are some sneak peeks about HOGA Gaharu Tea Valley:

Beautiful Hilltop

Located at a high elevation at over 100 meters, this hilltop provides a beautiful view of the plantation with the background of Banjaran Titiwangsa around Gopeng. You can just relax here while having tea, coffee or other products which are made from agarwood.

Tree Hugging

You can take your time hugging the tree in there. Science has proven that hugging a tree can give a healing power to ionize the negative ions. You also can see the painted animals on the surface of the trees, you will be amazed by the scenery and the greens around it. And don’t forget to visit the pond to feed the fish and tortoises.

Lovers Park

This park is created based on the legendary love story of two different trees. The loving spirit of the trees made this place suitable to express your feeling towards your partner. Why not plan to propose here, it’s a beautiful and peaceful environment that is perfect to capture that special moment.

How about that? Do include this place when you plan your next travel especially with your loved ones. Do include these activities when visiting Perak, and don’t forget to check out Perak Must Visit and Ipoh Must Eat!


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