The 12 Zodiac Animals in Chinese Lunar Calendar

Can you guess the Chinese horoscope animal for 2021? This year will be the year of the Ox, one of the 12 Chinese zodiac animals or ‘shengxiao’ which is a repeating cycle of 12 years with each of it represented by an animal and its characteristics. The Chinese Zodiac Years are based on Chinese Lunar calendar which starts from the first day of the lunar year or we celebrate it as Chinese New Year. Basically, the celebration takes place between January and February each year.

Why 12 animals? The Chinese zodiac uses the principles of yin and yang which means every horoscope sign can occur in either of them since the 12 animals cycle is divisible by two. 

Let’s find out the animals which appear as the zodiac in the Lunar calendar.


1. Rat (1912, 1924, …)

Last year, 2020 was a year of the Rat. According to history, a competition was held by Jade Emperor to decide the zodiac animals. A quick-witted rat had a race with the diligent ox before the rat jumped the river and crossed the line first. Because of that, rats were chosen to be the first zodiac animals, then ox and so on. People who were born in the year of the rat believe that it brings the personality to them like quick-witted, resourceful, versatile and kind.


2. Ox (1913, 1925, …)

This year, 2021 is the year of Ox which will begin on February 12, 2021. People who were born in the year of ox believe that it has the similar feeling with them like diligent, dependable, strong and determined. Sometimes, they will act stubborn because of their clumsiness in speech.

 3. Tiger (1914, 1926, …)

People who were born in the year of Tiger believe that they are brave, competitive, unpredictable and confident. They are tenarious to accomplish the goals but high risk to fall because of rush decisions.

 4. Rabbit (1915, 1927, …)

People who were born in the year of Rabbit believe that they are quiet, elegant, kind and responsible. They also believe that their career work can peak in middle age at the steady pace of progress.

 5. Dragon (1916, 1928, …)

People who were born in the year of Dragon believe that they are confident, intelligent, enthusiastic and tenacious. They like to be the main character in social occasions with a strong and aggressive personality. However, beware of their short-tempered and strict policy as they can be mad with others.

6. Snake (1917, 1929, …)

People who were born in the year of Snake believe that they are enigmatic, intelligent, wise and materialistic. They are kind of lazy, but full of ideas to share. They also tend to spend time on dressing to make them attractive.

7. Horse (1918, 1930, …)

People who were born in the year of Horse believe that they are animated, active and energetic. They are very good at sports as they have different hands to learn various techniques. Sometimes, they like to have a luxurious life without saving.

8. Goat (1919, 1931, …)

People who were born in the year of Goat believe that they are calm, gentle, sympathetic and stable. They can be an artist or creative pioneers but tend to be sensitive and pessimistic. They also gratefully behaved in public as they were mild and unaggressive like a goat.

9. Monkey (1920, 1932, …)

People who were born in the year of the Monkey believe that they are sharp, smart, curious and fast learners. They seek to open new discoveries with curiosity and love for adventure. Men can make a huge success in their career while women are gorgeous in stylish looks.

10. Rooster (1921, 1933, …)

People who were born in the year of Rooster believe that they are observant, hardworking, courageous and talented. They are keen on shining their appearance by dressed in colors all the time. They also have promising futures, but can be bothered by short-tempered and improbable goals.

11. Dog (1922, 1934, …)

People who were born in the year of Dog believe that they are lovely, honest, prudent and loyal. They are thought to be conservative and stubborn as they lack expression ability. On the other hand, they like to help and serve with people more than themselves.

12. Pig (1923, 1935, …)

People who were born in the year of Pig believe that they are diligent, compassionate, generous and realistic. They always concentrate their attention to fulfil the tasks to get luck in wealth. If they lose their temper, give them delicious food as the cure.

Don’t take it seriously and read it just for a fun facts. So, which one is your zodiac animal in the Chinese Lunar Calendar? Share with us in the comment section. 


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