Escape Room with Breakout Malaysia in ‘Online Mode’

Have you ever been to Breakout Malaysia wherever in NU Sentral or Avenue K? They provided an experience to the players which tried to escape from a room of multiple missions and obstacles in a limited time. Now, Breakout came out with an online game that took the same concept as the real-life mission from the outlets. This is the 1st only Online Escape Room in Malaysia. You can feel the pressure to finish the mission with your teammates in a limited time. At the same time, you can have the freedom to move anywhere as you can play from home.

How To Play Online Escape Room?

  • Time Limit
    You are given 60 minutes to complete the rescue mission in an actual Breakout escape room setting and storyline. If you already went to Breakout Malaysia outlets and played there, this could be to your advantage to finish the mission in less than 60 minutes. What’s your deal? 45 minutes on the deck?
  • Up to 5 Players Per Session
    There are 5 available slots for players to join as a team and play through Zoom(advised to download the app for better quality). Remember, these players are your teammates & you will not play with people outside your group. At this stage, your team must pick a player as a leader which will lead the teammates through the mission. Succeed or fail, it is all in your hand. You are also recommended to play with 2 devices. Maybe one device for visuals and another one for mission & answers.
  • Interact with Live Actors
    Hey, you can interact with live actors through your real-time cameras. This can help you to get the clues, solve the problems and complete the given mission. How do they act with the props? I don’t know. You can ask them. 

Mission: Finding Chris

“Please find Chris. If he can’t escape from the room within 60 minutes, he will DIE. PLEASE!” Who is Chris? Why was he trapped? Who will kill him? Everything will be explained inside the game. As a team of hackers, you & your teammates will have to find Chris by locating a missing person in real-time. Remember, you only have 60 minutes to help Chris to escape before he will be killed by someone. “Wait for us, Chris. We are coming.”

How about that? Interested? Come on, book your slot in 3 simple steps:

  1. Book & pay with online payment (Paypal/credit/debit card). RM240 per session (up to 5 players).
  2. Select your preferred date & time. I recommend a week after your payment for your preparation and free time.
  3. Gather up your team and have fun. You can play with your friends and family.

Still not sure? Check out Breakout Website for more information about Breakout Malaysia. Remember, you decide the fate of the storyline. ALIVE or DEAD!


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