Mechamato Movie – Highlighting Malaysian Heritage in Cinemas

Kuala Lumpur, 29 Nov 2022 – The wait is over, Mechamato fans! The Mechamato Movie produced by MONSTA and Astro Shaw will be making its way to all cinemas in Malaysia and Brunei this 8TH of December.

The Mechamato brand proved its mettle in international shores after a grand reception by global fans in Japan as it became the only foreign animation series listed in the TOP 3 Tokyo Anime Award Festival 2023.

Mechamato Movie follows the origin story of Amato (BoBoiBoy’s father) and MechaBot, a ‘Power Sphera’ with ability to ‘Mechanize’ with normal everyday objects.

In the film, the situation becomes more critical when Mechamato faces an alien villain named Grakakus — who is eager to snatch MechaBot from Amato’s hands in order to achieve his evil agenda. What evil plans is Grakakus up to and can the new superhero Mechamato stop him? If you are curious about the heroic adventure, make sure to catch it in cinemas soon.

Mechamato Movie is set in a fictional town inspired by Bandar Hilir in Melaka. It also features the uniqueness of Malaysian culture such as silat, peranakan culture and local food such as karipap, combined with futuristic elements such as robots and spaceships.

The Chief Executive Officer of MONSTA, Nizam Abd Razak, the write and director of this film said, “It is MONSTA’s ambition to empower Malaysian culture through ‘Mechamato Movie’. The main setting of this film (Kota Hilir) was inspired by the architecture of Bandar Hilir and Kota Melaka. MONSTA also showcase various traditional elements such as the destar, keris, trishaw and the famous karipap in hopes that the global audiences will fall in love with the uniqueness of Malaysia”

Nizam Abd Razak also stated that the Mechamato Movie is in the plans to be exported abroad in 2023. “This next step is important to us after MONSTA have witness the success of the Mechamato series. To our great delight, we are proud that the show managed to penetrate into 65 countries around the world since its launch in December 2021.”

Similar to the previous films, MONSTA consistently instills positive values in each of their 3D animated works. This time as well, the Mechamato Movie clearly portrays the power of believing in yourself, bravery in facing tough times and promotes the classic never give up until you succeed.

Meanwhile, Vice President, Head of Astro Shaw & Malay Nusantara Business, Raja Jastina Raja Arshad stated, “We are very excited to release this animated film that fans have been eagerly waiting for. As a co-producer, marketer and distributor of the film, Astro Shaw has good faith in local animation productions such as MONSTA. They’ve shown in the past that they’re capable of bringing Malaysia’s name to the global stage. We believe that MONSTA is more than capable in setting a new standard for an international movie of great caliber through Mechamato Movie.”

The production of MONSTA and Astro Shaw’s Mechamato Movie had received the full support of MDEC (Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation). In order to ensure the consistent quality and excitement that the Mechamato brand produces, the production team spent a considerable amount of time perfecting the formulas of their craft. Initially slated to be released at the of 2019, the movie release was postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The postponement allowed MONSTA to improve the quality of the film – promising everyone a wholesome and satisfying experience.

In that regard, MONSTA and Astro Shaw hope that Mechamato Movie will thrill both fans and local film buffs. Watch out for the Mechamato Movie release in cinemas across Malaysia on December 8. Surely a one to watch for people of all ages!


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