Exploring Culture and Alfresco of West Sumatra

West Sumatra should become the next destination for you to explore. This fertile land offers top-notch scenery from the land to the sea for those who looking for an adventure. You can spend your day doing outdoor activities and choose to immerse yourself in the Minangkabau rich culture the next day.

LOCCO had the opportunity to fly with airasia and explore the capital city of West Sumatra, and we would love to share five main attractions to include in your itinerary so you can visit these places when travelling to Padang.

1. Mandeh Islands

Situated in the southwest of West Sumatra within 1 to 2 hours drive from Padang city, The Mandeh archipelago is a must place to visit. You will explore this place across the Carocok Tarusan Bay and encounter a number of islands such as Cubadak, Sironjong Gadang, Sironjong Ketek, Merak Island and more. You can test your adrenaline by doing water activities here.

This coastal beauty is worth it for your sights and the journey took us  4 hours and 30 minutes journey to cover some of the main spots. We took the cruise at Sungai Pisang and start exploring Mandeh Islands before stopping at Setan (Soetan) Island for lunch. The best part of this trip was that we had a chance to go to Sironjong Ketek Island for a cliff jumping and watch the view from above. Lastly, we end our island trip by exploring the mangrove forest for about 5km long. Overall, this destination is a perfect photogenic for your social media post.

Madeh Island Day Tour from Padang (per pax): Rp 620,000

2. Desa Wisata Kubu Gadang

If you love culture, this place is dedicated to you. Located at Kota Padang Panjang only 60km away from Padang city, this tourist village is promoting Minangkabau tradition and culture by providing experiences that include homestay, traditional performances, games, local cuisines and more. The vibe here it is like you are returning home or people would say ‘balik kampung’ cause you will receive the warmest greeting and welcome by the locals here with Tari Pasambahan and traditional music.

We got to wear Galembong pants and had the experience to learn Randai – the folk theater tradition of Minangkabau that combines music, singing, dance and silek or known as silat. Must watch here is Silek Lanyah, the martial art performing in the muddy field. Before we leave, we got to taste their local cuisine Pical Nyiak Simak and Kopi Arang while enjoying the paddy field view all around it.

Visit their website for more details about the packages. [Click Here]

3. Istano Basa Pagaruyung

Located at Tanah Datar around 3 hours drive from Padang city, this current palace is actually the second replica as the first replica was destroyed due to fire. The original palace is also destroyed in 1837 due to war and it is actually not in the same location as now, initially the palace was located at the top of the hill behind the current palace. The architecture of this palace has three stories, 72 pillars and 11 gonjong (buffalo-horn roof) – it was built from timber masonry but the current frame was built using modern concrete structure.

The palace was previously used by the former Pagaruyung kingdom and now become a museum and popular tourist attraction. We got a lot of information and stories about this palace where the matrilineal system is been used in the kingdom – women get special treatment and stay inside the palace. You can walk in here from 8am until 6pm daily and get in touch with a friendly guide to get the full experience about Istano Basa Pagaruyung.

Adult ticket: Rp 15,000

Child ticket: Rp 7,500

4. Sikabu Glamping

Only 3 hours from Padang city, Sikabu Glamping is a must-place to stay when travelling to West Sumatra. Located at the foothill of Gunung Sago and surrounded by paddy terraces, this place is perfect for a romantic and relaxing experience with your loved one. You will not get bored here, you can just enjoy the view – cloud carpet in the morning and stargazing at night or book your activities here – ATV, planting rice, horse riding, waterfall tracking and more.

We got the experience to stay at one of the glamping spots called Sago Family 2 which can accommodate up to 4 pax with two queen size beds, 2 plug points (you can request for extra extension), air cooler, private toilet with water heater located next to it and big hammock net in front the spectacular view. Honestly, one night here is not enough to experience everything – definitely need to come back here again.

Sago Family 2 (1 night): Rp 1,500,000

You can check out their Instagram for more info on their glamping options/packages. [Click Here]

5. Water Rafting by L.A Rafting

Last but not least, we got to test our adrenaline with water rafting at Lubuk Alung that located only one hour from Padang city. We need to hop on the lorry from the L.A Rafting basecamp to the starting rafting point. As usual, we need to wear helmets and safety jackets, listen to the safety briefing, do some stretching and learn basic rafting skills before we start.

This adventure took us throughout Arung Jeram with around 5km distance and a few checkpoints for us to complete. The river is super chill and we got to enjoy the view of Bukit Barisan towards the endpoint. Well, if you had experience with water rafting before, L.A Rafting is one of the best spots to go.

Pakej L.A Rafting Favorit 9 (per pax): Rp 15,000

Check out their Instagram for more info. [Click Here]

As Padang is well known for Minangkabau culture, you can easily observe a lot of buffalo-horn roofs and paddy fields when you are moving from one place to another. This unique destination must be on your bucket list for 2023 – book your trip and explore the undiscovered parts of West Sumatra.

Now AirAsia offers direct flights daily from Kuala Lumpur to Padang, Indonesia up to 10 flights per week. If you are wondering about the prices for the tickets, the average fare is RM189 during the non-peak period. Check out airasia Super App to purchase and stay tuned for the promotions.


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