Discovering the Wonders of Taiwan: The North Adventure

Taiwan, the small island nation located in East Asia, is often overlooked as a travel destination, but it is a treasure trove of diverse cultures, stunning landscapes, and mouth-watering cuisine. From the bustling capital city of Taipei in the north to Kaohsiung in the south, Taiwan has so much to offer to visitors. We will take you on a journey from north to south, highlighting some of the must-see destinations, experiences and some Halal food spots along the way. Get ready to discover the wonders of Taiwan and embark on an unforgettable adventure!

Northern Taiwan – Taipei City

AirAsia offers 7 times flight frequencies weekly to Taipei, making it easy to plan a trip and explore all that this dynamic city has to offer. Yes, we start this adventure from the north, Taipei. You can experience the city’s vibrant culture and stunning attractions but first, let’s get to Taipei from the airport by taking the Airport Express and transferring to the Taipei MRT system – reach Taipei city conveniently to enjoy the iconic landmark’s stunning views of Taipei City. Let’s check out the attractions here:

1. Taipei 101

Taipei 101, located in the Xinyi District of Taipei, Taiwan, offers a range of activities for visitors of all ages and interests. These activities include visiting the observation deck for stunning views of Taipei City, shopping at the luxury mall, learning about the building’s history and architecture at the Taipei 101 Observatory, enjoying the beautiful outdoor park surrounding the landmark and attending events and we were going to Taiwan Lantern Festival 🏮. With its diverse range of attractions, Taipei 101 is a must-visit destination in Taipei.

2. Ximending Nightlife

Ximending, located in the Wanhua District of Taipei, is a popular destination for visitors who want to experience the city’s vibrant nightlife and entertainment scene. At night, the streets of Ximending are filled with brightly lit neon signs, street performers and lively crowds. Visitors can enjoy a variety of experiences, including dining at numerous cafes, shopping at a variety of stores selling local brands and designer goods and visiting the night markets, where they can shop for souvenirs and sample a variety of street food. Overall, Ximending offers a lively and diverse nightlife experience, making it an interesting experience in Taipei.

3. Shifen Waterfall & Pingxi Old Street

Shifen Waterfall is a scenic attraction that features a powerful cascade of water falling 20 meters heights into a large pool. You can reach Shifen Waterfall from Taipei by taking a train from Taipei Main Station to Ruifang Station, then transferring to the Pingxi Line towards Jingtong. There is no admission fee to visit this “Little Niagara Falls of Taiwan.” Visitors can enjoy hiking trails, sightseeing, and exploring the nearby Pingxi Old Street, famous for its sky lanterns and railroad tracks. The street offers visitors the opportunity to purchase sky lanterns, write their wishes on them, and release them into the sky, creating a picturesque scene.

4. Jiufen Old Street

To go to Jiufen Old Street from Shifen, visitors can take the Pingxi Line train from Shifen Station to Ruifang Station, and then transfer to the Keelung Transit bus towards Jiufen then take a bus or taxi to Jiufen. Once in Jiufen, visitors can explore the narrow streets and alleys of the old mining town, browse through numerous souvenir shops and food stalls and visit the Shengping Theater, among other historical and cultural sites. The town also offers stunning views of the mountains and sea, especially from vantage points like the Jiufen Old Street viewpoint and the Jiufen Skywalk. Unfortunately, it was raining during our visit, which hindered our ability to see much of the views.

Where To Stay:

amba Taipei Ximending Hotel – 2 Nights in Taipei

During our stay in Taipei, we chose to stay at the amba Ximending hotel for two nights, which is a trendy and modern hotel located in the heart of the Ximending district, known for its vibrant nightlife and shopping scene the location is so strategic to explore Ximending. The hotel features a rooftop terrace with stunning city views, a fitness center, and a restaurant serving local and international cuisine. The room rate starts from NT$3,900 per night. Check out HERE for more hotel info and promotions.

What To Eat (Halal):

1. Kunming Islamic Restaurant

Kunming Halal Restaurant is a popular dining destination in Taiwan, known for its delicious Muslim Chinese cuisine. Located in the bustling Da’an district of Taipei, the restaurant offers a wide range of halal dishes, including beef noodles, lamb skewers, and cumin-spiced dishes. The restaurant has a cozy and welcoming atmosphere, with friendly staff and a spacious dining area that can accommodate large groups. The menu is in both Chinese and English, making it accessible to international travelers. Kunming Halal Restaurant is a must-visit for those seeking authentic halal Chinese cuisine in Taiwan.

2. Shuinandong Tourist Center, Shancheng Cafeteria

Shancheng Cafeteria, offers a unique vegetarian experience for those exploring the Northeast coast of Taiwan. The cafeteria serves a variety of vegetarian dishes, including tofu, vegetables, and rice dishes. The use of fresh, local ingredients ensures that the food is flavorful and healthy. Vegetarian visitors can enjoy a meal while taking in the breathtaking views of the Pacific Ocean and the rugged coastline. The center also offers vegetarian options in the souvenir shop, such as locally made tea and snacks. Shuinandong Tourist Center is also a must-visit for anyone seeking a delicious and satisfying vegetarian experience on their travels to the Northeast coast of Taiwan.

3. Halal Yellow Beef Noodle House

Halal Yellow Beef Noodle House is a popular restaurant in the Zhongzheng District of Taipei City, known for its delicious Muslim Chinese cuisine. The restaurant offers a variety of halal dishes, including the famous yellow beef noodle soup, which is made with tender beef, fragrant spices, and chewy noodles. The cozy and welcoming atmosphere, along with the friendly staff, make the dining experience at Halal Yellow Beef Noodle House a memorable one. The restaurant is conveniently located near the Taipei Main Station, making it easily accessible for both locals and tourists. Halal Yellow Beef Noodle House is a must-visit for anyone seeking authentic halal Chinese cuisine in Taipei City.

Northern Taiwan is a region full of breathtaking natural scenery, rich cultural heritage, and modern city life. The capital city of Taipei offers a diverse range of experiences, from exploring the bustling night markets to the tranquil old streets. Wait for part two exploring central Taiwan in Taichung to discover more of Taiwan’s hidden gems, including the vibrant city of Taichung, Gaomei Wetlands and more interesting spots. Stay tuned!


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