Santan and A.Cross Creations Launch Exquisite Mooncake Gift Boxes Aboard AirAsia Flights

The spirit of celebration soars to new heights as Santan, AirAsia’s flourishing F&B brand, embarks on a joyous partnership with A.Cross Creations, marking the launch of exquisite mooncake gift boxes aboard AirAsia flights.

Within each meticulously crafted gift box lies a collection of six impeccably arranged premium mooncakes, boasting an array of flavors. Enthusiasts of traditional tastes will delight in the timeless Red Bean and Pandan with Creamy Coconut Paste and Coconut Flakes variations. Alternatively, indulge in two creatively reimagined mooncake twists – Matcha and Red Bean Omochi, and Low Sugar White Lotus with Single Yolk. For those seeking both delectable satisfaction and visual delight, the Pure Lotus Bunny and Red Bean Bunny flavours await, showcasing a design inspired by the rabbit, a symbol deeply intertwined with the Mid-Autumn Festival’s history.

Savouring a bite of these jewel-like delights is certain to evoke a festive ambience. These aesthetically pleasing gift boxes are complemented by two sachets of Santan’s renowned 92 Signature Blend coffee, along with two DIY mobile planes. The 92′ Signature Blend, acknowledged with an impressive 92-point rating from the esteemed Coffee Review, stands as a must-have for coffee aficionados. Crafted through advanced freeze-drying technology, this blend emanates an alluring aroma and unparalleled freshness. Unlike ordinary instant coffee, the 92′ Signature Blend is free from additives, dissolving perfectly to provide a lush cup of coffee. A.Cross Creations’ collaboration with Santan presents these premium mooncake boxes at RM168 each, exclusively accessible on all AirAsia flights bearing the codes AK and D7, until stocks endure.

A special mooncake gift box collaboration between Santan and A.Cross Creations.

Catherine Goh, AirAsia’s General Manager of Retail & Food Operations, remarked, “With great pride, we unveil this partnership with A.Cross Creations, is a true testament to our faith in local talent and indigenous brands. As the Mid-Autumn Festival approaches, a momentous juncture in our amalgamation of cultures, we are thrilled to introduce Moonship, a constellation of exquisitely designed mooncakes, each flavour as diverse as the skies we traverse. Anticipating the pleasure of serving this celestial collaboration to over two million monthly AirAsia patrons.”

Founder of A.Cross Creations, Rachel Yeoh, expressed, “We find immense gratification in teaming up with Santan (AirAsia) as their inaugural gifting partner. Conceived in 2021 to redefine the concept of gifting, our assortments highlight innovative design and meticulous curation, elevating unboxing into an extraordinary experience, and ensuring the most exceptional celebrations.”

Present at the Moonship launch event was Rachel Yeoh, the Founder of A.Cross Creations, and Catherine Goh, the General Manager of Retail & Food Operations at AirAsia.

Santan and AirAsia Inflight Duty-Free are no strangers to entrepreneurial synergies with emerging and seasoned brands. In the past year, they united with style luminary and fashion maestro Dato’ Jovian Mandagie to introduce limited edition AirAsia x Jovian products in-flight, alongside oral care brand Gigi. Recently, Santan unveiled a novel addition to its onboard meal menu – the groundbreaking Pak Nasser’s Plant-Based Nasi Lemak, a cruelty-free alternative preserving the beloved original’s exceptional taste.

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