Gold Coast’s Sizzling Scene: Must-Experience New Hotspots That Demand Your Attention!

Dive into the vibrant and exciting world of the Gold Coast, where a wave of new experiences awaits. From a nostalgic Palm Beach paradise at the Cheshire Cat Motel to the adrenaline-pumping jetcar adventures with Jetcar Australia, and the unique fusion delights at Tayta Bar and Restaurant, there’s something for everyone. Join us as we explore these fantastic additions to the Gold Coast scene, and discover the epitome of coastal luxury at Rolling Seas on Bilinga Beach. Get ready for a journey filled with style, flavour, and unforgettable moments in this sunny slice of paradise!

The Cheshire Cat Motel – Palm Beach

Step into the fabulous world of the Cheshire Cat Motel, where a groovy makeover is turning heads! Picture a Palm Beach paradise blending 70’s Aussie vibes with a splash of Palm Springs coolness. With seven uniquely styled rooms, including a swanky two-bedroom bungalow, this motel is a perfect hangout for couples, friends, and families. The new owners have sprinkled authentic Palm Beach charm throughout, making it a chic boutique stay launching in mid-November. The place is surrounded by palm trees, cute cacti, and is just a hop, skip, and jump away from the Gold Coast’s sandy shores. The design is as cool as the location, featuring a brick plunge pool and a colour palette that screams warm summer days with burnt orange, cream, and sage.

Jetcar Australia – Main Beach Marina Mirage

Get ready for an Aussie-first adventure with Jetcar Australia at Main Beach Marina Mirage! They’re gearing up to launch an exhilarating jetcar experience in the coming months. Imagine zooming across Gold Coast waterways in a luxury sports-designed water-propelled jetcar. Twist and turn for an adrenaline-pumping experience with up to eleven jetcars to choose from, each in a dazzling colour from bright green to fuchsia pink. It’s a must-try aquatic adventure for families, couples, and thrill-seeking friends. Keep an eye out for more details and bookings opening in December 2023.

Tayta Bar and Restaurant – Nobby’s Beach

Head to Tayta Bar and Restaurant at Nobby’s Beach for a dining experience like no other. It’s the Gold Coast’s first and only Nikkei Restaurant and Pisco Bar, blending Peruvian and Japanese flavours from the 1800s. Created by the dynamic duo Adriano Antonini and Kaitlin Wood, this place is a burst of colours and flavours. The interior boasts abstract design and earthy tones with mustard, emerald, green, royal blue, and burnt orange furnishings. The menu is a treat with dishes like Tuna Tiradito and Pulpo Olivo, a slow-cooked octopus extravaganza. For a traditional touch, try the Nikkei Chicken with teriyaki sauce. Don’t forget to wash it down with a Kiwicha Pisco Sour!

Rolling Seas –Bilinga Beach

Experience coastal luxury at Rolling Seas on Bilinga Beach, the Southern Gold Coast’s chic escape. This private estate, opening this month, offers sophisticated design, Mediterranean vibes, and laidback luxury. With uninterrupted views of Bilinga Beach, this place is a haven for up to 12 guests. Styled by Three Birds Renovations, the estate features two villas – The Residence for up to 8 guests and The Cottage for up to 4 guests. Enjoy a sparkling infinity pool, a wellness room, and a ping-pong table. Every booking is personalized for the ultimate Gold Coast getaway, whether it’s for business, romance, a private escape, or a memorable family gathering. Live like a true “Gold Coaster” and soak in the sun-filled mornings and marvellous sunsets!

As we finish exploring the Gold Coast’s newest attractions, it’s clear this place is full of excitement. Whether you’re checking out the revamped Cheshire Cat Motel, enjoying the thrills of Jetcar Australia, savouring the tasty dishes at Tayta Bar and Restaurant, or experiencing coastal luxury at Rolling Seas, there’s something special about this part of Australia. Whether you’re into nostalgia, adventure, or unique fusion, the Gold Coast has it all. Come for the sun, stay for the experiences, and create memories that last. Here’s to the Gold Coast – where every moment is an opportunity to enjoy life in a stylish way!


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