Seronoknya Bulan Puasa!

Bulan puasa adalah bulan yang dinanti-nantikan seluruh umat Islam untuk memperbanyakan beribadah kerana pada bulan mulia ini setiap kebaikan yang dilakukan akan memberi ganjaran yang berlipat ganda. Walaupun sedikit berbeza seperti tahun yang sebelumnya dengan norma baru, semangat dan kemeriahannya masih sama untuk diraikan tanpa mengira bangsa dan agama. Pastinya ada beberapa perkara yang ditunggu-tunggu […]

Must Go Bookworm-Cafes in Klang Valley

Have you ever gone to any cafes that seem like a library? We call it a book cafe, a place for bookworms to read and dining at the same time. You can sit down and have a meal while reading books and magazines. In this article, we will look at some places that served as […]

RC TVET Pembelajaran Masa Kini

Pembelajaran masa kini jadi lebih mudah dengan adanya RC TVET. Tapi apa itu RC TVET? RC TVET adalah Learning Management System (LMS) yang dibangunkan oleh Ruang Cikgu sebagai satu platform pendidikan online (e-learning) yang pertama bagi pendidikan TVET. Melalui platform ini, pelajar boleh mengikuti proses pembelajaran dan pengajaran digital (PdPD) pada bila-bila masa kerana ia […]

Bookstores Worth Visit in Klang Valley

In the conjunction with KLWBC2020, LOCCO will guide you to these bookstores that have a unique style and are destined to be a bookmark to readers. Let’s go. 1. Junk Book Store According to the Malaysia Book of Records, this is the largest secondhand bookstore in Malaysia with over 3 million books . Just look […]

Throwback Permainan Kanak-Kanak Zaman Dahulu

Siapa masih ingat permainan waktu kecil-kecil dahulu? Permainan yang menghiburkan dengan hanya menggunakan apa yang ada di sekeliling saja dan pastinya kalau dah main tak ingat nak balik rumah sampai kena marah dengan mak ayah.  Kali ini jom kita throwback beberapa permainan kanak-kanak yang popular pada zaman dahulu. Lat tali lat tali tamplom, siapa jadi? […]

You Can Now Adopt Animals in Zoo Negara

Did you know that you can actually adopt animals in the zoo through the “Adopt Our Animals” program in Zoo Negara? Over 30 animals you can choose from for adoption and these animals will remain in the care and custody of the zoo – the adoption is just a symbolic term of your contribution to […]

101 Tips on Taking Care of Your Home Plants 🌱

It’s a trend now that people are buying home plants to try and mix and match with their home decor. Even crazier, the fanatic green turned some corner of their house into a little jungle in the building – boy, what a view to see every day Having home plants is actually really beneficial for […]

Fun Online Multiplayer Games that You Should Play with Friends during MCO

Practicing social distancing for more than a month will bound to make us feel bored and fidgety. While we are doing our part in flattening the curve, we need to think about other options to stay connected. Staying connected with family and friends too will help overcome loneliness that you may feel during MCO. Here […]

Things We Can Do At Home During The Pandemic 🏡

Our country like most countries are facing a pandemic due to Covid-19. Remember to stay calm, stay indoor as much as possible during these times. Here are some recommendations of what you can do at home. Become a master chef Explore your inner talent by cooking your favorite dish or maybe even making any kind […]

Accommodation booking sites: How should you choose?

The internet has thousands of websites providing travel planning and accommodation to ensure tourists get the best deals from their services. You can find any type of accommodation from backpacker dorms to 5-star hotels, and you can also ask for car hires. The new demand for online booking has open floodgates for competition despite serving […]