Malaysians, lets come together as one to celebrate Malaysia Day in our Sarong 



Celebrate Sarong  Malaysia People

The pandemic has tested humankind’s resilience and will in coming together and overcoming challenges. We have seen lives lost, livelihoods in doldrums, dreams shattered and the world in peril for the past two years.

But if there is a factor that will always stand the test of time and adversity, it is the unyielding resolve and tenacity of humanity in persevering through the greatest of obstacles. Therefore, there is no event that is far better suited to reflect humankind’s unbreakable strength and perseverance and the importance of unity in diversity than Hari Sarong 2021.

Sarong, in this context, represented people from different walks of life, cultures, and nationality, come together in solidarity, persevering through one of the world’s greatest obstacles.


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Yes , its free to join. Just wear your sarong on the 16th wherever you are and upload your outfit with the hashtag #harisarong21