Unity Through Sarong

16 Sept 2021


Celebrate Sarong  Malaysia People

Backbones of the Campaign
What to do on Hari Sarong 21

We have lined up tons of activities, classes & contests for you this year. Start your day by wearing your best sarong attire ( see below for examples ) & upload them on social media with the hashtag #harisarong21. You might win some cool limited edition prizes from us.

Participate in our Traditional Dance classes, Kelas Tari Kita. Details belows. Or even joining our Hari Sarong Checklist Challenge by doing a checklist that will be uploaded morning of 16th Sept. If you are up for something more challenging we have plenty of contests , be it tiktok, storytelling & even dance contest for you to join.

But above all that, lets just show our appreciation to Malaysia by celebrating her on this momentous day. =) 

Whats Happening ?

#harisarong21 Checklist

The #harisarong21 checklist will be uploaded on the 15th September. One day ahead , so you guys can plan with your friends & family on how to celebrate #harisarong21. It will be uploaded on all of our social medias. 

Complete 8 checklist to be in the running to win a limited edition #harisarong21 enamel pin ! 


Tarian Inang ( Public )

Asas Joget ( Public )

Tarian Daling Daling
( Women Only )

Tarian Inang (Overseas)