16th September 2023 // 8.30 AM from Selected Stations
Organised By LOCCO

All aboard Keretapi Sarong!

Get ready for a ride like no other at the 6th edition of Keretapi Sarong.

Gather your friends and family, put on your colorful sarongs, and join us for the unforgettable Keretapi Sarong 23!

What Is Keretapi Sarong ?

It’s more than just a train ride. It’s a connection to our roots, a celebration of culture, and a party that everyone’s invited to! 

Keretapi Sarong is a unifying event, where people from all walks of life gathers to celebrate Hari Malaysia. For us to celebrate our culture, our music and our traditions.

People gather at designated stations in their sarong & traditional attires to a “Secret Location” that will only be revealed on event day.

Objectives Of Keretapi Sarong

Uphold Sarong as a symbol of unity

Create awarness on Malaysian sarong and the beautiful story behind it.

Celebrating Unity on Malaysia Day

A 16th Sept celebration by the people for the people.

Showcasing the diverse Malaysian culture

Not just for tourists but for locals.

Encouraging the use of public transportation

Reduce carbon footprint one event a time.

"The only event i dont mind waking up early on a Public Holiday. "
Deena Azmi
Peminat Tegar Keretapi Sarong

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