Motion : Laksa should be Malaysia's national dish

We at LOCCO belived Laksa should be named as one of Malaysia’s national dish alongside other great dishes in our multi ethnic country.



Discover what Malaysia has to offer in this 
web series . Learn all about Laksa , our pride.

Why Laksa ?

With so much variation and interest in the one dish worldwide, and the way it illustrates culture and produce, there is a strong argument for laksa to be championed as The Malaysia’s national dish.

There is a strong sense of national identity in every bowl of laksa from the sourish, fish broth based up north to the curry, sweeter and coconut broth based down south as well the hybrid of both in Land of the Hornbills.

Make a great rallying point for gastronomic tourists; a great reason to encourage them to visit all the states and try all the different laksas.

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