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Must Go Bookworm-Cafes in Klang Valley

Have you ever gone to any cafes that seem like a library? We call it a book cafe, a place for bookworms to read and …


RC TVET Pembelajaran Masa Kini

Pembelajaran masa kini jadi lebih mudah dengan adanya RC TVET. Tapi apa itu RC TVET? RC TVET adalah Learning Management System (LMS) yang dibangunkan oleh …


Bookstores Worth Visit in Klang Valley

In the conjunction with KLWBC2020, LOCCO will guide you to these bookstores that have a unique style and are destined to be a bookmark to …


Throwback Permainan Kanak-Kanak Zaman Dahulu

Siapa masih ingat permainan waktu kecil-kecil dahulu? Permainan yang menghiburkan dengan hanya menggunakan apa yang ada di sekeliling saja dan pastinya kalau dah main tak …


You Can Now Adopt Animals in Zoo Negara

Did you know that you can actually adopt animals in the zoo through the “Adopt Our Animals” program in Zoo Negara? Over 30 animals you …


101 Tips on Taking Care of Your Home Plants 🌱

It’s a trend now that people are buying home plants to try and mix and match with their home decor. Even crazier, the fanatic green …