Taiwan Lantern Festival Lights Up Taipei After 23 Years

After a 23-year hiatus, the 2023 Taiwan Lantern Festival wowed locals and foreign visitors alike with a diverse array of lanterns in various shapes and sizes. Co-organized by the Taiwan Tourism Bureau and the Taipei City Government, the 18-day extravaganza, which coincided with the Year of the Rabbit in the Chinese lunar calendar, marked Taiwan’s […]

Kwai Chai Hong Blossoms into Cryptic “Poetic Spring Garden”

Kuala Lumpur, 5 January, 2023 – Spring is the season signifying a new beginning in Chinese Culture and is, often, symbolised by abundant blossoms. This Chinese New Year, Kwai Chai Hong presents a whimsical and eclectic installation with traditional Chinese Calligraphy in bold, non-conventional representation and over-sized blossoms and foliage tucked within the historic laneway […]

Swiss Train Culture

Train culture is norm to developed countries and it comes to no surprise that Switzerland is one of them. This is the second time I am visiting a country where almost everything evolves around nature and train (and chocolates too, of course). And I find it amazing that they are able to combine their two […]

Modernising Batik: Incorporating it Into Our Everyday Life

Incorporating traditional cultural icons or staples into the fashion industry has seen its evolution over recent years. Rattan-made fashion accessories are trendy recently, which kind of makes us wonder what other traditionally used materials or items have been contemporised to give it a new life? This brings us to our star of the day, batik. […]

8 Dying Traditional Crafts and Artisanry in Malaysia

1.Handmade songkok Albeit being in demand during the Ramadhan season, the handmade songkok industry is considered a dying industry due to the commercialisation of machine-made songkok. Only a handful of skilled songkok makers are left in Malaysia. 2. Handmade wau Wau is among the many traditional crafts that symbolises our national identity. It was also […]

Traditional Games in Malaysia

Written by Harith Zulkefly, Edited by Hanif Omar Yazid As technology advance through the years, with the inventions of social media and electronic gadgets seems to be a new and preferable pastime. In this era, kids nowadays don’t play traditional games as much as 90s kids like me once upon a time ago where rich […]

5 Things You Don’t Know About the Keris

Keris is a dagger-like weapon used mainly by the warriors, rulers and commoners alike in early Malay Kingdoms in the Malay Archipelago. It is the most recognised symbol of the Nusantara. It is famous for it’s folklore from the Taming Sari of Hang Tuah and the infamous story of Laksamana Bentan stabbing the Sultan of […]