Visit The Yakult Factory “Virtually”

Yakult has become among the best-cultured drinks in the world with high technology and the power of good bacteria like Shirota Strain. Since Yakult arrived in Malaysia in 2003, many people were curious about the drinks and how they were made. That was why Yakult made a factory tour at Seremban to educate the visitor all about Yakult, from name to production. But, the tour had to stop due to the Covid-19 situation and government SOP to minimize non-essential gatherings. But, don’t worry. Yakult came up with the idea to have a virtual type that will bring visitors from home to the factory and have the same experience as the physical one.

Yakult Factory Virtual Tour

With technology, it is now possible to wander the only Yakult factory in Malaysia from the comfort of your home. You will learn about the tasty Yakult cultured drink with Japanese high technology machines. You will be linked with experienced guides that will bring you to the process of making Yakult that are quick, precise and clean. The tour was held everyday except Sunday & public holiday from 8am – 4pm. Let’s see how you can make a list there.

  1. Go to Yakult Factory Website
  2. Go to the menu tab & select Factory Tour > Virtual Tour.
  3. Choose the date & time slot.(Make sure the slots are available)
  4. Complete your information & preferred language.(Available in English, Bahasa Melayu & Mandarin)
  5. An email will be sent with the official information & you are set for the virtual tour. Tip: Sometimes, your schedule can be initiated if the guide will call you & ask if you are able to fill in the empty slot the days before your date. So, you will enter the tour on a new date given by the guide. Tip: From my experience, the tour was showing in Microsoft Teams platform so maybe you need to download the app in your computer for better quality.

Writer Experience

I was one of the virtual visitor. It was a few days before The New Eve of 2021. I was choosing Bahasa Melayu for the language & using Microsoft Teams as it was chosen by the guide. I’m with another two guests & instructed by her (I’m sorry to forgot your name). She gave many information about Yakult from the founder until the product. Every time after a subject was completed, she gave a simple question just to refresh ourself. Lastly, she asked us to write a review about the virtual tour. For me, it was very interesting even though I can’t get the Yakult drink(as she mentioned at the end of tour). I can feel how I am at the factory when I saw the procedure of Yakult products. After the tour ended, I got a virtual certification from Yakult for attended the tour. I just hope that Yakult can make a comeback on physical factory tour to give more feeling to visitor rather than just watch it in the desktop. But, of course, safety first. Rating: 4/5 stars(one star out for technical issues).

My virtual certificate from Yakult Malaysia.

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