KL BIRD PARK – A Home For The Aviary

Did you know that Kuala Lumpur has a bird park? 

It has become a renowned eco-friendly destination for tourists for more than 20 years. Located in the serene Kuala Lumpur Lake Gardens, it is home to more than 3000 local and foreign birds from about 200 different species.

Here are some interesting facts about KL Bird Park:


The birds have adapted to the environment before they enter this park so they are already capable of breeding naturally. In fact, KL Bird Park is a highly conducive environment for breeding with nesting sites that are suitable for that with many successful breeding seasons every year.

Therefore, these birds will get to live in a home most similar to their original environment and it is the best way to keep the survival of these species before it goes extinct forever.


KL Bird Park introduced 4 zones that each have their own attractions to the visitor. Let’s start with Zone 1 which’s connected with Zone 2. As one of the largest free-flight walk-in aviary in the world, these zones are put together for various bird species to fly freely and live in harmonies like the Indian Blue Peacock and Crowned Pigeon.

Zone 3 is home to the majestic Rhinoceros Hornbill and other hornbill species and that’s why it is called Hornbill Park. You can find Hornbill Gift Shop and Hornbill Restaurant in this area, mostly a place to relax and buy merchandise. Last but not least is Zone 4 where you can find a lot of parrots. It can be a perfect time to have a picture with the colourful parrots and petting them closely. There is a man-made waterfall in this area and you can see it is surrounded by the whiteness of the Milky Stork.


Do you wanna see the birds eating closely? You can witness the bird feeding from 10.00 am until 5.00 pm at all zones or the special one is hornbill feeding at 11.30 am. You can also feed the birds like ostriches at Zone 4 with celery that is provided. Make sure to feed them correctly or else you will be bitten.

Wanna watch the birds perform? You can catch up at the Amphitheatre in Zone 4 – it is held twice every day at 12.30 pm & 3.30 pm. So, don’t miss the show that may surprise you with the talented birdie.

Interesting, right? Don’t shy yourself! Let’s plan to explore the KL Bird Park. This park is the perfect place to escape from the busy city of Kuala Lumpur and enjoy natural landscapes with charming birds around. For more information about fares, package and more, visit KL Bird Park.

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