The Sticky But Sweet Dodol

Have you ever heard of dodol? It is a sweet toffee that is based on sugar palm confection and commonly found in Southeast Asia and Indian subcontinent. Usually, you can find it during special festivals like Eid Mubarak that we are currently celebrating (for a month). But don’t worry, you can easily now find the dodol in an online market if you miss the taste of it.

Without further ado, Let’s get to know more about this toffee sweet-stickiness treats.

History of Sticky Treats

Majority believed that dodol originated from Indonesia where the word ‘dodol’ originates from Sundanese whereas in Javanese it is called jenang. When it comes to Southern India and Sri Lanka, dodol is believed to be introduced by migrants from Indonesia and Malaysia. That is why there is another version of dodol called kalu dodol which is popular in Sri Lanka.

How It’s Prepare..

When it comes to preparation, you can’t miss these basic ingredients like coconut milk, jaggery and rice flour, which make the dodol texture sticky, thick and sweet. Start with mixing all the ingredients in a big wok and usually it will take up to 9 hours to cook it. It will slowly reduce the contents up to half as the liquid evaporates and during the entire process, the dodol must be constantly stirred. If you stop it will cause it to burn, spoiling the taste and aroma. That is why people will take turns to stir the dodol until it becomes firm. After that, this is where the real struggle begins, where you need to use full strength when the texture starts to chewy and sticky. After it is cooked, it will be served in containers and cooled for hours before ready to eat.

Variation of Dodol

Well, you thought dodol will be just in one Gula Melaka flavour, don’t you? Of course not, you can see many variation of dodol flavour like Pandan, Durian and even the modern one like Strawberry, Chocolate, Banana and more. If you lucky enough, you also can find rarest flavour in the market like Aloe Vera and Seaweed. It’s not really weird actually as nowadays people can literally eat dessert in any way, do you remember Pisang Goreng Cheese? 

Dodol Brings Togetherness

So here’s the deal, the best part of cooking dodol is about togetherness and teamwork. You can see more than two people take turns to stir the dodol  just to achieve a perfect taste and chewy texture. I know some of us can relate this nostalgic occasion back in the village where each of the family members will help each other to prepare such of traditional treat to make sure the Hari Raya celebration not just complete but also becomes meaningful. Why? Because It’s sticky texture and that’s family all about, to stick together! 

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