4 Best Ways to Get Around KL

Being in a metropolis like Kuala Lumpur where there’s always a variety of options for anything and everything, it also means it is easy getting around. Due to the hot and humid climate over here, we generally don’t recommend walking from one place to another, unless you want a good suntan or you don’t mind […]

Modernising Batik: Incorporating it Into Our Everyday Life

Incorporating traditional cultural icons or staples into the fashion industry has seen its evolution over recent years. Rattan-made fashion accessories are trendy recently, which kind of makes us wonder what other traditionally used materials or items have been contemporised to give it a new life? This brings us to our star of the day, batik. […]

8 Nostalgic Food That Brings Back Fond Memories of Malaysian Childhood

As we grow up and as time goes by, we would unknowingly phase out things that we once used to love or do. Being a Malaysian, food is undoubtedly an important element in our lives, if not the most important. Let’s take a trip down memory lane and reminisce the days where happiness is easily […]

Jungle Gym’s Newly Renovated Indoor Playland is Open!

After months of waiting in anticipation, eager children and their families can finally visit Jungle Gym’s newly renovated indoor playland at Bangsar Shopping Centre, located in the heart of Kuala Lumpur. Since it’s inception in September 2008 at Bangsar Shopping Centre, Jungle Gym has continued to delight children of all ages. Now, from 6,000 square […]

8 Dying Traditional Crafts and Artisanry in Malaysia

1.Handmade songkok Albeit being in demand during the Ramadhan season, the handmade songkok industry is considered a dying industry due to the commercialisation of machine-made songkok. Only a handful of skilled songkok makers are left in Malaysia. 2. Handmade wau Wau is among the many traditional crafts that symbolises our national identity. It was also […]